Play, Cook, Eat,

Let's Play!

What's this all about?

Food Games is a collaborative cooking game that incorporates trivia quizzes, team based tasks,
and a cooking competition in which the main ingredient is the fun! 🎲🔪
We invite our participants to play, experiment and sharpen their cooking skills in their quest to assemble the perfect dish.
Whether you dream of participating in a cooking reality tv show or consider yourself a kitchen persona non grata,
we offer you an immersive and challenging activity that evolves into a one-of-a-kind cooking battle, a gateway for new experiences
and a means to fulfill your culinary dreams! 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

Acquiring ingredients

Acquiring ingredients

Once the teams are created the games are on:
teams start playing for ingredients, which will be used in the cooking phase later on.

It's cooking time

It's cooking time

Each team will prepare dishes according to our instructions. Wasting ingredients is a no no and dishes should reflect the theme of the event.
Time restrictions may apply!

The Grand Finale

The Grand Finale

The cooking phase ends with each team presenting their creations to the judges.
It’s time to enjoy the fruit of our competition:
The participants share their meals and the event concludes with the announcement of the winning team.

The nitty gritty

6-60 Participants

Team building events and company day outings,
Family celebrations, Israeli culinary experience
or a fun time with friends.

2-3 Hrs

Whether it’s morning, day or night.
We say, it’s always a good time to play!

Selected Venues

Industrial cooking studios, Artsy galleries, Hip rooftops, Outdoor sites, Cozy homes or a space of your choice.
Our venues are anything but plain.


What does it look like?




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